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Apple IIc (ROM version '255')

Blue Arrow Company:  Apple Inc. (Apple Computer, Inc.)
Blue Arrow Model Number:  A2S4000
Blue Arrow Manufacture Date/Year:  1984

Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
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Apple IIc front Apple IIc back Apple IIc side1 Apple IIc side2
Apple IIc herol Apple IIc heror Apple IIc top1 Apple IIc top2

Blue Arrow Specifications

Core Unit:

  • Processor:  1 MHz 65C02
  • ROM:  16K ROM version '255' (original)
  • RAM:
    • 128K onboard
    • No RAM expansion slots
    • RAM expansion requires third-party solution
    • Apple never officially supported RAM greater than 128K on ROM version '255'
  • Graphics:
    • Graphics Display Modes:
      • Low-resolution 16-color graphics:
        1. 40h x 48v color blocks
        2. 40h x 40v with four lines of text
      • High-resolution 6-color graphics:
        1. 280h x 192v dots
        2. 280h x 160v with four lines of text
      • Double high-resolution 16-color graphics:
        1. 560h x 192v dots (Extended 80-Column Text Card required)
    • Text Display Modes:
      • 40-column text, 24 lines, 5 x 7 dot matrix (suitable for television or monitor)
      • 80-column text, 24 lines, 5 x 7 dot matrix (Extended 80-Column Text Card required)(suitable for monitor only)
    • Note:
      • All graphics modes may be displayed on a television or monitor
      • Composite monitor or RF Modulator to TV supported
  • Storage:
    • Compatible Apple External Drives:
      • Disk IIc 5.25-inch floppy drive
      • Apple UniDisk 5.25-inch floppy drive
    • Built-in Internal Drive:
      • 5.25-inch disk drive
      • Note:
        • Same mechanism as a Disk IIc or UniDisk 5.25-inch
  • Expansion Slots:
    • No expansion slots
  • Ports:
    • Joystick/Mouse (DB-9)
    • Printer, serial-1 (DIN-5)
    • Modem, serial-2 (DIN-5)
    • Video expansion port (DB-15)
    • Floppy drive port (DB-19)
    • 12 Volt DC connector input (DIN-7, male)
    • NTSC composite video output (RCA connector)
    • Audio-out (1/8" mono phono jack)

Apple IIc Ports

Operating System:

  • Compatible Operating Systems:
    • DOS 3.3, ProDOS
  • System Disk:
    • Apple IIc System Utilities (shipped with Version 1.0)
  • Languages in ROM:
    • Applesoft BASIC

Keyboard and Mouse:

  • Keyboard:
    • Built-in 63-key full-size keyboard
    • Full 128-character ASCII including 96 uppercase and lowercase alphanumeric characters, and 32 control characters
    • Special-purpose keys: Shift, Caps Lock, Control, Escape, Return, Tab, Delete, up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow, Reset, Open Apple, Solid Apple
    • Keyboard is switchable between Standard (QWERTY) and Dvorak layouts
    • Includes speaker-volume control
  • Mouse:  DB-9 Apple IIc Mouse (connects in joystick port)

Physical Dimensions:

  • Size (Inches):  2.5 H x 12 W x 11.5 D
  • Weight (Pounds):  7.5

Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
Blue Info Images Copyright:  Click Here
Apple IIc n1 Apple IIc n2 Apple IIc n3 Apple IIc n4
Apple IIc n5 Apple IIc n6 Apple IIc n7 Apple IIc n8
Apple IIc n9 Apple IIc n10 Apple IIc n11

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