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Apple IIgs (ROM version 3)

Blue Arrow Company:  Apple Inc. (Apple Computer, Inc.)
Blue Arrow Model Number:  A2S6000
Blue Arrow Manufacture Date/Year:  1989

Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
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Apple IIgs front Apple IIgs back Apple IIgs side1 Apple IIgs side2
Apple IIgs herol Apple IIgs heror Apple IIgs top1 Apple IIgs top2

Blue Arrow Specifications

Core Unit:

  • Processor:  2.8 MHz (user switchable to 1 MHz) 65C816
  • ROM:  256K ROM version 3
  • RAM:
    • 1 MB onboard
    • 1 RAM expansion slot
    • RAM expansion up to 8 MB possible (IIgs pictured on this page has a 2 MB RAM card installed)
  • Graphics:
    • Super-high-resolution:
      • 320 x 200, in up to 16 colors per line and 256 colors per screen, from a palette of 4,096 color
      • 640 x 200, in 4 or more colors per line and up to 128 colors per screen, from a palette of 4,096 colors
    • Double-high-resolution:
      • 560 x 192, 16 colors
    • Double-low-resolution:
      • 80 x 48, 6 colors
    • High-resolution:
      • 280 x 192, 6 colors
    • Low-resolution:
      • 40 x 48, 16 colors
    • Note:
      • The Apple IIgs supported all graphics modes of previous Apple II models and introduced several new ones through a custom Video Graphics Chip (VGC), all of which used a 12-bit palette for a total of 4096 possible colors, though not all 4096 colors could appear onscreen at the same time. The IIgs is officially compatible with the 12" (11.5" viewable) Apple RGB Monitor A2M6014. Other RGB monitors will work but they must support the IIgs analog signal. There were several third party monitors that were compatible with the IIgs, but all of them required a custom cable and ranged in size from 12" to 15". Compatible monitors have a fairly low horizontal sync rate - 15.75KHz.
  • Sound:
    • Ensoniq 32-oscillator digital synthesizer chip with dedicated 64K RAM
    • Produces up to 15 voices
    • Uses internal speaker, or external speaker or headphones via audio output jack (volume is set by software through Control Panel)
  • Storage:
    • Compatible Apple External Drives:
      • Disk IIc 5.25-inch floppy drive (A2M4050)
      • UniDisk 5.25-inch floppy drive (A9M0104)
      • Apple 5.25-inch floppy drive (A9M0107)
      • UniDisk 3.5-inch floppy drive (A2M2053)
      • Apple 3.5-inch floppy drive (A9M0106)
      • Note:
        • SCSI drives require an expansion card. The IIgs pictured on this page has an Apple II High-Speed SCSI Card (820-0153-A, 1990) installed. It boots GS/OS from a 100 MB Zip drive.
    • Built-in Internal Drive:
      • None
  • Expansion Slots:
    • 7 Apple II Proprietary Slots
  • Ports:
    • Serial Printer port (mini DIN-8) - AppleTalk supported
    • Serial Modem port (mini DIN-8) - AppleTalk supported
    • DB-9 Game port (joystick, paddles)
    • DB-19 Disk drive port (5.25" or 800K - see list above of compatible Apple drives)
    • DB-15 Analog RGB monitor
    • Composite video out (RCA connector)
    • NTSC composite video output (RCA connector)
    • Internal game connector (onboard)
    • Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port (mini DIN-4)
    • Headphone jack (1⁄8-inch mono phono jack)

Apple II High-Speed SCSI Card

Apple IIgs ports
Apple IIgs Ports

Operating System:

  • Compatible Operating Systems:
    • GS/OS
      • GS/OS Screen Captures Using PNG Floyd CDA:
        • Screen Capture 1
        • Screen Capture 2
        • Screen Capture 3
    • ProDOS 8
    • ProDOS 16
    • Pascal
    • DOS 3.3
    • CP/M (with appropriate coprocessor card)
  • Languages in ROM:
    • Applesoft BASIC

Keyboard and Mouse:

  • Keyboard:
    • All Macintosh ADB keyboards will work
    • IIgs shipped with its own specially designed keyboard
      • 80 keys, plus 14-key numeric keypad
      • Two Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) connectors (one for attaching the keyboard to the computer; one for daisy-chaining additional input devices)
  • Mouse:  ADB

Physical Dimensions:

  • Size (Inches):  4.6 H x 11.2 W x 13.7 D
  • Weight (Pounds):  8.72

Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
Blue Info Images Copyright:  Click Here
Apple IIgs n1 Apple IIgs n2 Apple IIgs n3 Apple IIgs n4
Apple IIgs o1 Apple IIgs o2 Apple IIgs o3

Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
Blue Info Images Copyright:  Click Here
Apple IIgs p1 p2 Apple IIgs p3 Apple IIgs p4
Apple IIgs p5

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