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ImageWriter II

Blue Arrow Company:  Apple Inc. (Apple Computer, Inc.)
Blue Arrow Model Number:  A9M0320
Blue Arrow Manufacture Date/Year:  1987

Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
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ImageWriter II front ImageWriter II back ImageWriter II side1 ImageWriter II side2
ImageWriter II herol ImageWriter II heror ImageWriter II top1 ImageWriter II top2

Blue Arrow Specifications

Core Unit:

  • Interfaces:
    • Type:  RS-422/RS-232 (serial)
    • Buffer:  24K
    • Baud Rate:  300, 1200, 2400, or 9600 (user selectable)
    • Connector:  Mini DIN–8
  • Performance:
    • Print Modes/Speed:
      • Draft:  250 characters per second (cps) at 10 characters per in. (cpi) (2.5 pages per minute)
      • Standard:  180 cps (2 pages per minute)
      • Near-Letter Quality:  45 cps (.5 pages per minute)
    • Line-Feed Rate:  Actual throughput will vary depending on computer and software
    • Maximum Copies:
      • Four inches per second (ips)
      • Original plus three
  • Character Format:
    • Fixed Alphanumeric Symbols:
      • Draft mode:  up to 12 by 8 dot matrix
      • Standard mode:  up to 7 by 8 dots
      • Near-letter-quality mode:  up to 16 by 16 dots
    • Custom (Downloaded) Characters:  Variable width, up to 16 by 8 dots
  • Character Pitches:
    • Draft, Standard, and Near-Letter Quality:  9–17 cpi (72–136 characters per line), through use of normal and double-width modes
    • Proportional Text:  144 or 160 dpi
  • Ribbons:
    • Type:  Fabric; continuous loop
    • Available Colors:
      • Black (Typical life: two million characters)
      • Four-color (magenta, cyan, yellow, black) (Typical life: one million characters per color)
  • Paper Options:
    • Format:  Cut sheet or fanfold continuous
    • Width:  3–10 in. (on pin-feed paper, hole centers must be spaced between 4 and 9.5 in.)
    • Thickness:  .05-.28 mm
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Print Method:  Impact dot matrix
    • Built-In Character Sets:
      • American, Italian, Danish, British, German, Swedish, French, and Spanish
      • Selectable by using DIP switches or appropriate software
    • Line Spacing:  6 or 8 lines per in.; user programmable in increments of 1/144 in. (up to 99/144 in.)
    • Graphic Densities:  72, 80, 96, 107, 120, 136, 144, and 160 dpi (maximum dots per line: 1,280)
Compatible Apple Computers:
  • All classic Macintosh computers with a serial Mini DIN–8 connector
  • Apple IIgs and Apple IIe (with Super Serial Card)
Physical Dimensions:
  • Size (Inches):  5 H x 17 W x 12 D
  • Weight (Pounds):  25

Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D40
Blue Info Images Copyright:  Click Here
ImageWriter II n1 ImageWriter II n2 ImageWriter II n3 ImageWriter II n4
ImageWriter II n5 ImageWriter II n6 ImageWriter II n7 ImageWriter II n8
ImageWriter II n9 ImageWriter II n10 ImageWriter II n11 ImageWriter II n12
ImageWriter II n13 ImageWriter II n14

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