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ImageWriter II/L

Blue Arrow Company:  Apple Inc. (Apple Computer, Inc.)
Blue Arrow Model Number:  G0010 (C0090LL/A)
Blue Arrow Manufacture Date/Year:  1994

Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
Blue Info Images Copyright:  Click Here
ImageWriter II/L front ImageWriter II/L back ImageWriter II/L side1 ImageWriter II/L side2
ImageWriter II/L herol ImageWriter II/L heror ImageWriter II/L top1 ImageWriter II/L top2

Blue Arrow Specifications

Core Unit:

  • Interfaces:
    • Type:  RS-422/RS-232 (serial)
    • Buffer:  24K
    • Baud Rate:  300, 1200, 2400, or 9600 (user selectable)
    • Connector:  Mini DIN–8
  • Performance:
    • Print Modes/Speed:
      • Draft:  250 characters per second (cps) at 10 characters per in. (cpi) (2.5 pages per minute)
      • Standard:  180 cps (2 pages per minute)
      • Near-Letter Quality:  45 cps (.5 pages per minute)
    • Line-Feed Rate:  Actual throughput will vary depending on computer and software
    • Maximum Copies:
      • Four inches per second (ips)
      • Original plus three
  • Character Format:
    • Fixed Alphanumeric Symbols:
      • Draft mode:  up to 12 by 8 dot matrix
      • Standard mode:  up to 7 by 8 dots
      • Near-letter-quality mode:  up to 16 by 16 dots
    • Custom (Downloaded) Characters:  Variable width, up to 16 by 8 dots
  • Character Pitches:
    • Draft, Standard, and Near-Letter Quality:  9–17 cpi (72–136 characters per line), through use of normal and double-width modes
    • Proportional Text:  144 or 160 dpi
  • Ribbons:
    • Type:  Fabric; continuous loop
    • Available Colors:
      • Black (Typical life: two million characters)
      • Four-color (magenta, cyan, yellow, black) (Typical life: one million characters per color)
  • Paper Options:
    • Format:  Cut sheet or fanfold continuous
    • Width:  3–10 in. (on pin-feed paper, hole centers must be spaced between 4 and 9.5 in.)
    • Thickness:  .05-.28 mm
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Print Method:  Impact dot matrix
    • Built-In Character Sets:
      • American, Italian, Danish, British, German, Swedish, French, and Spanish
      • Selectable by using DIP switches or appropriate software
    • Line Spacing:  6 or 8 lines per in.; user programmable in increments of 1/144 in. (up to 99/144 in.)
    • Graphic Densities:  72, 80, 96, 107, 120, 136, 144, and 160 dpi (maximum dots per line: 1,280)
Compatible Apple Computers:
  • All classic Macintosh computers with a serial Mini DIN–8 connector
  • Apple IIgs and Apple IIe (with Super Serial Card)
Physical Dimensions:
  • Size (Inches):  5 H x 17 W x 12 D
  • Weight (Pounds):  15

Blue Note Note:  Opening up a new old-stock ImageWriter II/L
Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
Blue Info Images Copyright:  Click Here
ImageWriter II/L n1 ImageWriter II/L n2 ImageWriter II/L n3 ImageWriter II/L n4
ImageWriter II/L n5 ImageWriter II/L n6 ImageWriter II/L n7 ImageWriter II/L n8
ImageWriter II/L n9 ImageWriter II/L n10 ImageWriter II/L n11 ImageWriter II/L n12
ImageWriter II/L n13

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