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Blue Arrow Company:  Mattel (Mattel Electronics)
Blue Arrow Model Number:  2609
Blue Arrow Manufacture Date/Year:  1979

Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
Blue Info Images Copyright:  Click Here
Intellivision front Intellivision back Intellivision side1 Intellivision side2
Intellivision herol Intellivision heror Intellivision top1 Intellivision top2

Blue Arrow Specifications

Core Unit:

  • Processor:  1 MHz (894.886 KHz) General Instrument GP1610 (16-bit)
  • RAM:  371 Bytes
  • ROM:  4K "the Exec" system controller
  • Graphics and Audio:
    • Standard television interface chip: GI AY-3- 8900-1
    • Maximum resolution: 159 pixels wide x 192 pixels high
    • 16 color palette
    • GI AY-3-8914 audio chip (3 channel sound with 1 noise generator)
  • Controller Ports:  None (controllers built-in)
Standard Controllers:
  • 2 permanently-attached controllers
  • Each controller has a 12-button keypad with 0-9 buttons, Clear button, and Enter button
  • Each controller has 4 side action buttons (top two buttons are electronically the same)
  • Each controller has a directional disk (capable of 16 directions)
  • Each controller has a slot over the keypad to slide in a laminated game overlay

Intellivision Controllers
Intellivision Controllers

Intellivision Controllers
Controller with Star Strike Overlay
Intellivision Game Overlay
Star Strike Overlay

Game Format:
  • ROM Cartridge

Intellivision Cartridge
Typical Game Cartridge

Physical Dimensions:
  • Size (Inches):  2.75 H x 15 W x 9 D

Blue Camera Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
Blue Info Images Copyright:  Click Here
Intellivision n1 Intellivision n2 Intellivision n3 Intellivision n4
Intellivision n5 Intellivision n6 Intellivision n7 Intellivision n8
Intellivision n9 Intellivision n10 Intellivision n11 Intellivision n12
Intellivision n13 Intellivision n14 Intellivision n15 Intellivision n16
Intellivision n17 Intellivision n18 Intellivision n19

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