1987 to 1989 Macintosh


1987 "Introducing
AppleShare" Ad

1987 "Wheels for
the Mind" Ad

1989 "Ashton-Tate and
Macintosh Iicx" Ad

1987 "Apple and Kinkos" Ad

1987 "Conversation Piece" Ad

1987 "Product Managers" Ad

1989 "The World of Apple
Desktop Media" Ad

1988 "Matt Groening" Brochure

1988 "Apple Deskop
Mapping" Brochure

1987 "Apple Credit Card"

1989 "Why Macintosh? Which
Macintosh?" Brochure

1987 "Engineering for
Macintosh" Brochure

1988 "And I Don't Do
Computers" Brochure

1989 "Decisions" Brochure

1987 "Build Your Own
Macintosh" Ad

1987 "Commercial Credit" Brochure

1988 "The Computer of
Record" Ad

Macintosh Product Catalog
Summer 1989

1988 "Four Years Ahead"

1987 "Macintosh Plus"
Spec Sheets

1989 "Macintosh SE"
Spec Sheets

1987 "The Meeting of
the Minds" Brochure

1989 "LaserWriter IINT"
Spec Sheets

1989 "Macintosh IIcx"
Spec Sheets

1988 "Grants" Brochure

1988 "Software Update
Program" Spec Sheets

1988 "Macintosh HyperCard
1.2 Software" Spec Sheets

1987 "Apple Desktop
Publishing" Brochure

1989 "Apple A/UX Operating
System 1.1" Spec Sheets

1987 "AppleColor High-Res RGB
Monitor" Spec Sheets

1987 "Apple Memory Kits:
1MB, 2MB" Spec Sheets

1988 "Macintosh IIx"
Spec Sheets

1989 "Interactive Presentation
Workstation" Spec Sheets

1989 "Interactive Imaging
Workstation" Spec Sheets

1989 "LaserWriter IINTX"
Spec Sheets

1989 "Desktop Video
Workstation" Spec Sheets

1989 "Interactive Videodisc
Workstation" Spec Sheets

1989 "Thanks for Choosing
Macintosh" Insert